No Tree is Too Big for Us

At Knuckleheads Tree Service, we have a team of experienced individuals to carry out your tree services efficiently. Our team is the best in the field and uses equipment like knuckle boom crane, Terex forestry bucket truck, and Bandit wood chipper, that’s considered the best in the industry.

Knuckle Boom Crane with Mecanil grapple saw

Knuckle Boom Crane is designed to handle pruning and tree removal. No need to put a climber in a tree. State of the art truck allows for pruning or removal from a remote control box operated by a skilled professional on the ground and away from the tree. Cranes come in handy when trees are close to the house, over pool enclosure, near air conditioning units, between two properties, or power lines, or to prevent damage to turf and landscape.

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Bandit Wood Chipper

Bandit Wood Chipper is used to chip away brush and branches. Our chippers can easily chip up to 18 inches in diameter of whole trees and branches. The chipping process is done at the time of tree removal or trimming on-site.

Terex Forestry Bucket Truck

Terex Forestry Bucket Truck is used in cases where the truck can be driven and set-up. The bucket truck equipment is the best for removing small sections of trees and lowering them to the ground.

Kubota Compact Track Loader

Kubota Compact track loaders essentially are skid steer loaders with high-flotation rubber tracks. These earthmoving machines can work in poor underfoot conditions and on sensitive surfaces.