Tree Removal in Tampa Bay, FL

Without proper care, the trees on your property can become a danger to the property itself or anyone on it. As branches sag and trunks dry out, trees are more likely to fall and destroy whatever happens to be underneath them. The professionals at Knuckleheads Tree Service will take care of your trees so that you won’t have to worry. We offer tree removal and tree trimming in Tampa Bay, FL.

Skilled Tree Trimming

To have healthy trees, you have to know just how much to trim. If you trim too much, the tree will be at risk, and if you trim too little, the tree could damage your property. Our team has experience working with all kinds of trees and has the expertise to properly trim any trees on your property. Call us today to keep your trees looking pristine and healthy.


Safe Tree and Stump Removal

If your tree is already dying, tree trimming may not be able to save it. In this case, you can trust us to safely remove the tree and its stump from the property. We have a specialty truck that greatly simplifies cutting down and removing trees, so don’t risk your own health and safety. Instead, trust us to take care of any type and size of tree on your property.  

Fast Storm Damage Cleanup

When you live in Florida, you must deal with the hurricane-strength storms that frequently pass through the area. These storms can cause a lot of damage to the trees on your property, so you will likely need to clean up the mess and possibly remove trees after a storm. We can be at your house in no time to take care of any trees suffering from storm damage.

To learn more about the tree trimming and tree removal service that we offer, call us at (813) 428-3149.